TengahLive, ShahrolShlro Gets Srang With Ntizen PsalInvite Open Old Rahsla.  This is your answer
TengahLive, ShahrolShlro Gets Srang With Ntizen PsalInvite Open Old Rahsla. This is your answer

TengahLive, ShahrolShlro Gets Srang With Ntizen PsalInvite Open Old Rahsla. This is your answer

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Kuala Lumpur – Previously, the General Manager of Suria FM, DJ Lin, expressed his displeasure with the radio presenter, that Fizi Ali’s migration to another radio station was said to be done at the last moment.

He said Fizi’s actions cost him up to RM 50,000 because he had to reorganize his 90 Suria Tour promotion work.

Recently, comedian who is now active in politics, Shahrol asked the radio station to be professional and not to make negative statements about the radio presenters who had served there.

In a post on Instagram, Shahrol also related issues that had happened to him before.

But what caught the attention of many people was the comments made by the radio presenter who is also his bandmate, Invite Shiro.

The comments left by this invitation seem to have received a response from Shahrol. According to Shahrol, he doesn’t need any kind of spotlight, but rather speaks up when he sees an oppressed friend.

Invite Shiro to unlock the old story

Fizi Ali’s decision to leave Suria FM received a reaction from comedian Shahrol Shiro who accused the radio station’s management of being unprofessional because he was still a presenter on the channel.

The long sharing shared by Shahrol was not liked by Ajak, who was the presenter of the Team Pagi Suria segment with Suraya Borhan.

“Are you talking from side to side, sir? The fact is that it doesn’t even matter. Do you need to update this i.su? Do you need the spotlight?

“Make things more quality, integrate them. Not bragging. The truth is all friends. If you think you’re suh, just leave it alone, don’t invite friends,” said Invite.

Shahrol previously shared his service experience with Suria FM before it was terminated due to disciplinary issues.

Ajak and Shiro, who were previously members of Shiro’s group, were seen trying to share their opinions about their journey as radio presenters.

Responding to Ajak’s comments, Shahrol said that his resignation opened an opportunity for him to be offered to Suria FM after serving with Hot FM.

In another counter comment, Ajak revealed that he had postponed Suria FM’s offer due to his friendship with Shahrol and also asked the station management not to continue security measures against his friend due to internal problems.

My first day out of Hot FM I was invited to join Suria. In discussion to exchange your photos with me. On the basis of friendship, I chose to be unemployed rather than replace you.

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I also plead with Suria not to proceed with the lawsuit against you. The fact is that after only one year you left, I joined Suria.

“This is different from what you did to me when we got offers in the early career era, mate. You said we shouldn’t accept it. I believe what you say and I turn down the number one radio invitation. Apparently you accepted the invitation with someone else,” he said.

Fizi, who previously handled the Suria Morning Team with Ajak and Suraya Borhan, announced his retirement and started his career at the Hot FM station with Fad in the Contributing Squad segment.

In the middle of the live, many asked about the invite

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