The dazzling object in the sky above Jin became a hot topic in the rocket debris video

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(Kuching, March 31) A meteor shower appeared over Kuching at midnight yesterday? Or UFOs? At midnight yesterday, some people found a suspected meteor shower over Kuching, it turned out to be Chinese rocket debris!

There was a video of Kuching residents taking pictures of the debris in the Kuching sky, and sharing this rare spectacle via social networks, which quickly went viral and became a hot topic of discussion.

According to the video uploaded by netizens, the relevant video was filmed and uploaded at around 12:50 midnight. From the video, several rocket fragments can be seen streaking over Kuching and burning in the atmosphere, emitting a blinding light.

It was reported that the Malaysian Space Agency issued a statement yesterday afternoon, saying that debris from China’s Long March 5B rocket is expected to fall between 4:24 p.m. and 12:24 p.m. on Lingcheng. After that, the Bureau issued a statement today confirming that the debris fell in the Sulu Sea at 12:55 midnight on 31 Malaysia time, which is between 9.1 degrees north latitude and 119 degrees east longitude.

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The post Dazzling objects in the sky above Jin was a video of rocket fragments that went viral and became a hot topic. First appeared on TVS.

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