The Electricity Bill allows states, individuals to generate electricity – Mon.  Suswam
The Electricity Bill allows states, individuals to generate electricity – Mon. Suswam

The Electricity Bill allows states, individuals to generate electricity – Mon. Suswam

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Senator representing the Senator Benue North East district and chair of the Senate Powers Committee, Etc. Senator Gabriel Suswan said the Electricity Bill, 2022, which passed into law on Wednesday, had in particular removed the power generation monopoly in Nigeria.

He said the space for generating power has opened up as far as countries and individuals can venture into power generation and distribution.

Noted, the same model is used in China and gives the country stability in power generation, adding that the country’s endless power challenges have made the National Assembly through the Committee on Power, which he chair and other stakeholders look to elsewhere in solve the problem. problem.

Speaking at a press conference with the Senate Press Corps following Wednesday’s plenary in which the bill was passed into law, Senator Suswam pointed out that States can also license powerful investors, although, power generation and distribution must reside within states.

He said: The state can now produce its own source of power. Any country that has unlicensed capacity can do so knowing that electricity issues are part of a concurrent section of our Constitution.

“The law has allowed the licensing of people who have the capacity to build mini-networks. Not just a mini grid, but a power plant in the state. This means that State licensed power plants will not be permitted outside their State.

“Anything that is out of State will be licensed by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) and the State that will be licensed will have its own regulatory authority just like we have NERC in Federal.

“To license mini-networks to individuals who have the capacity to build mini-networks and operate within a franchise that will be awarded to them by either the state or federal government.

According to him, renewable energy plants have been given legal backing in the bill.

“In addition, the issue of renewable energy will now have legal support in addition to generating one megawatt as an alternative power source and has also been included and provided. So, all of this has legal backing for those who want to generate power.

“We are looking for a way to solve the electricity problem. Some time ago, I was in China and some of the power generated was owned by the community within that community and there was electricity everywhere you went.

“This means that space is now open and there are fewer limits to power generation and distribution.

“When the president finally signs the bill, you’ll see that anyone who wants to produce under a megawatt of electricity doesn’t need a license to do that.

“We have also expanded NERC’s powers as regulators so that they can regulate and address the issue of failing licensees.”

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