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The Engineering Values ​​Handbook – Powerful Idea, Stealth > News

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(If you’re not sure what this post is about, take a look at Living Bungie’s values ​​as an engineer.)

You are still here! Welcome! At this point, you know what you’re here for, so let’s dive right in…

When we first read the Engineering Values ​​Handbook as a team, we ended up with several days of chatter exploring this particular value. We all found that we were pretty much in line with “loosely held,” but there are different interpretations of “strong ideas.” Is it about strong advocacy, ensuring a fair hearing of ideas? Is this a bold proposal to challenge conventional knowledge? This section of the handbook has given us the opportunity to enter into such nuances.

We believe that great ideas come from anyone, regardless of title, seniority or discipline.

  • We strive to maintain a sense of egalitarianism in all interactions.
  • We strive to provide psychological security to each other. Recognizing the almost universality of the imposter syndrome, we try to build on each other, pay attention to the tone and context of criticism, and freely show respect and admiration.
  • By default, we make visible respect to everyone, especially if we haven’t worked with them. This is very important to provide psychological security to new employees who do not yet have institutional credibility.
  • During discussion and decision making, we try to separate from who is proposing the idea.
“About a year ago, I moved from gameplay engineering to graphics and immediately started my first major feature planning task. My mentor, Mark Davis, is a chief graphic engineer with over 20 years of experience. When we talked about the problem space, I was impressed that two graphic engineers just solved the problem together. They go back and forth about possible solutions and complexities, challenging and proposing ideas. I’m not afraid to do anything, so it’s very clear that I have the same position in the debate. I’ve always felt that I’m a full member of every debate, Mark, Be it the graphics team, other engineers, or Bungie as a whole, my opinions are valuable and meaningful. As an early engineer in a new field, I have grown into a new role, and as such I learned a lot from being empowered, and it was created for an immersive, fulfilling and enjoyable experience. “
Abbey of Wales, 2020-

We are brave enough to be wrong.

  • It’s scary to be seen as wrong, but it’s very important to our success. If fear discourages us, we sacrifice creativity and opportunities for growth.
  • What is considered wrong should never be a traumatic experience. You will feel welcomed and supported by the team. Here, our efforts to maintain psychological security are important (see section above). We create a place where we don’t need to “strengthen” to feel that safety is wrong.
  • Even if you are most likely wrong, you have the courage to offer suggestions to advance your plans.We don’t wait to be 100% sure that our proposal will look wise.
  • We have enough courage to see our ideas challenged without feeling personally attacked— We remember that we are respected no matter what.
  • We are brave enough to raise concerns and ideas without being experts Or we raise them to someone older.
  • We have enough courage to share our ideas early, Ask for improvements from others and avoid honing in on just our ideas for spectacular publications that no one else will notice.
“In developing the new engine model, the activity script team redesigned how and where activity scripts were executed in the server ecosystem. Expressiveness by distributing it to various agents in the ecosystem. We could improve on this, but we also create synchronous naked traps to create scripts that can crash or behave unpredictably depending on race conditions. Like engineer code reviews, I suggest a code review process for scripts created by designers. This is not something a designer has ever experienced, and most people who have heard my tone agree with us broadly. Instead, I rotated the technical design to minimize loss of script expression and reduce risk, not adopting designer script reviews at the time. As a team, we quickly realized that while interesting technical solutions were possible, solving these problems with continued human persistence was not the right answer. ricefield.”
Ed Kaiser, 2010-

We believe success helps the group get the best answers When Leave a stronger relationship.

  • If you found the best answer, but people aren’t excited to work with you anymore It was a failure.
  • If you’ve increased the efficiency of your meetings and projects by 25%, but people aren’t interested in working with you anymore, It was a failure.
  • If everyone is excited to work with you again, but you don’t talk about big flaws or opportunities This is a failure
“For some time, engineering organizations have held regular meetings where managers and other leaders gather to discuss Matters™. I feel like I had a good time. It was a great sense of verification, but at the same time it was scary. I don’t know if there’s anything worthwhile to contribute in this best and brightest bungee space. When I dared to ring the bell, I was surprised that everyone took my comments as seriously as anyone else. This is for everyone who joins the group. I realized that was true. There is no dominant opinion that obscures everything. All voices are always important. “
James Haywood, 2007-

See you at Grade #4 – Closing is a daily habit!

-Bungee Technique

We want to talk to you. These are part of the technical roles we adopted and there are many more on our careers page!


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