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How does influencer marketing influence our lives? Have you bought a product with an influencer recommendation before? Today, influencer marketing is an important part of digital marketing, influencing our buying preferences. Well, where this sector develops, let’s see together.

With the pandemic, we are all starting to work from home and spending more time at home. However, the time we spend on screens has increased tremendously. In particular, the use of social media has increased significantly. As a result of all this, significant changes have taken place in the digital marketing industry. In addition to changes in advertisers’ advertising strategies, the channels that play an active role in digital marketing channels are also changing. What is this channel? Of course, social media platforms.

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The increase in the use of social media has led to an increase and preference for social media advertising, and it is inevitable that it will continue. Because people started to handle many things in their life from digital tools, namely their cell phones, and this continues to this day because it is much more convenient. In this way, social media notifications can make themselves more visible. This shows us the importance of influencer marketing once again.

With the increase in online shopping during the pandemic process, product reviews and ratings have become important criteria for people, but influencer recommendations are often important criteria for them, but influencer suggestions are widely used by people. For example, say you want to buy a shirt, and the influencer you really follow at the time suggests a shirt that fits your style. Is it a suggestion from someone who has bought and used these shirts, or is thinking about which one to buy on their website? Which one will you choose? I heard you say Influencer advice. In this process, we all buy and continue to buy products with influencer suggestions. We will continue to scroll through those links in the future…

With the importance of influencer marketing, many brands are starting to move forward with this strategy. Both with this emerging demand and the increase in content consumption, more content producers are needed on digital platforms. This has led to an increase in the number of influencers. Of course, influencers who produce quality and original content over time have emerged and are gaining value. However, quality content is still insufficient on some subjects. For this reason, it is clear that the number of influencers will gradually increase.

In summary, influencer marketing continues to grow rapidly and its importance is increasing day by day. If you want to advance your business advertising campaign with influencers and work with brands as influencers, Co-Influencers You can apply on our website. I hope you enjoy reading…

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