The ‘overdose’ boy started to open his eyes
The ‘overdose’ boy started to open his eyes

The ‘overdose’ boy started to open his eyes

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KOTA BHARU: The condition of a four-year-old boy who is said to be in critical condition due to the methamphetamine content in his body, is reported to have stabilized after being said to have opened his eyes yesterday.

This was informed by her mother, Rohaya Hassan, 36, who also confirmed that her son had also started responding when his name was called, even though his condition was still breastfeeding.

“Yesterday I opened my eyes but I was still breastfeeding, today I am more stable and respond quickly when my name is called,” he said.

Yesterday, the child was reportedly transferred to a normal ward in an unconscious state, but his condition improved yesterday afternoon.

Meanwhile, Rohaya admitted that she was very grateful to see her child’s development which was increasingly positive after several days of going through a critical situation.

“Today he can respond quickly when his name is called even though he still looks weak.

“That’s enough for me because for almost four days his condition is critical and very worrying for our family,” he said when contacted.

Meanwhile, Rohaya, who is from Sri Bintang village in Kuala Krai, hopes that her son will be allowed to return home as soon as possible as he faces many difficulties in taking care of his own son, especially with his terminal breast condition. cancer.

Until now, he said, the hospital has not informed when his child can be allowed to go home because it still needs to be monitored continuously.

“It is difficult (if the child continues to live in Kota Bharu) because I have to take care of the child myself without the help of my family.

“My appetite has been reduced, but I am very grateful that he is very kind and doesn’t get angry easily.

“Alhamdulillah, I am very relieved because we have gone through such a thrilling moment and I think it is a miracle that the child has regained consciousness,” he said.

The newspaper previously reported that a four-year-old boy was in critical condition due to methamphetamine in his body.

A 30-year-old worker who is also a relative of the child is being held until June 26 for investigation under Section 31(1)(a) of the 2001 Children Act.

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