The Sultan of Selangor expressed his wish for Klang to be upgraded to a Royal City
The Sultan of Selangor expressed his wish for Klang to be upgraded to a Royal City

The Sultan of Selangor expressed his wish for Klang to be upgraded to a Royal City

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Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Syarafuddin Idris Shah.

The SULTAN of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Alhaj expressed his wish that Klang could be upgraded to a Royal City.

His Majesty said, the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) needs to make efforts to realize Klang as a clean city that has the charm of historical heritage.

His Excellency hopes that MPK will continue to advance the tourism industry in interesting and historic locations around Klang and be able to increase the economy and income of the people in this district.

His Majesty also wants MPK to continue to improve its efforts to provide excellent and best service to the community and ensure that the citizens of the Royal City live in harmony with a safe environment to live in.

His Majesty hopes that the Klang community will always cooperate with MPK in maintaining the cleanliness of the Klang River in particular and appreciate the Royal City, in line with the Klang motto Healthy and Prosperous.

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His Majesty also prays that Klang as the Royal City of Selangor remains prosperous, harmonious and prosperous.

Meanwhile, His Majesty and Tengku Empress Selangor, Tengku Empress Norashikin congratulated MPK on the occasion of MPK’s 132nd Anniversary.

We thank God for the presence of Allah SWT because MPK has managed to pass through various phases of success and challenges, starting from the colonial period, economic recession, world war, emergency, independence, pandemic until now whose work and administration have matured so that Klang can quickly enjoy it. growth.

However, despite these developments, His Majesty hopes that MPK does not forget Klang’s status as a Royal City and does not neglect aspects of Klang’s history and heritage.

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