The third person mode in Resident Evil Village is a big part of fan service
The third person mode in Resident Evil Village is a big part of fan service

The third person mode in Resident Evil Village is a big part of fan service

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As a fan of the Resident Evil franchise, most third-person games are a big part of what I love about them. As I wrote in my article on accessibility, while I’ve played a lot of first-person shooters, my game library isn’t full of many of them. So when it was announced that the seventh and eighth games would be played in first person only, you can imagine my heart sinking after hearing the news years ago. While the first-person mode in both games offers something new, it feels unlike any previous game I’ve played—some feel distant.


In the meantime, I’m hoping Capcom will include a proper third-person mode, especially the kind used in new releases including the upcoming remake of the fourth game. Well, you got my wish, because Capcom announced that a proper third-person mode is coming to Resident Evil Village. While the closing reveal is a little odd, the campaign, themed areas and bosses are a lot of fun – like a cool spooky amusement park with different ‘zones’.

I’m also glad Capcom only waited a year to announce it, which likely means that the game’s new third-person mode has been planned all along and will always be used for intrigue in future DLC. It feels organic, and while I wish it came with the game, I’m glad we ever got that mode. Plus, it would have been great to see Ethan Winters from a different perspective, and that adds a lot in terms of replayability, both through gameplay and aesthetics. I love to see how the scene changes, and I love to see what it’s like to reload weapons, interact with doors, and other things too.

When I first played the game on my new PlayStation 5, I was impressed by how detailed everything in the village was. The cobbled areas of Resident Evil Village are detailed, the trip to the dollhouse (which will never be scary) is stimulating in its eerie aesthetic splendor, and the various traps and atmospheres on the edge of my seat. It’s easy to say that I really enjoyed this game for the first time. Now with the advent of third person mode, I’m really looking forward to visiting those places again.

The new camera angles provide a whole new perspective, especially in how different, if any, the cinematics are, and how different enemy interactions are compared to first-person (remember, the entire game through to the cinematic is from a first-person perspective, so you’ll probably find it very different). Getting and Being Challenged by Mommy – I mean – Lady Dimitrescu from a third-person perspective offers a new way to experience the game, making us feel like we are having this interaction for the first time.

When the series went first-person with Resident Evil 7 in 2017, I respected Capcom for turning things around, especially with PlayStation VR being a thing — they probably wanted people to have and share experiences that were somewhat similar. I knew beforehand that I said my heart sank when I first learned that Biohazard and Village was first person, but in that pain also comes an understanding and a willingness to give this new paradigm a chance. I did, well, it didn’t work for me.

So with this back in third person, I send a huge “thank you” to Capcom for giving me and others who have played various versions of Resident Evil over the years what we wanted. Thank you for listening to us and our feedback. I can’t wait to get my hands on the DLC and try out classic and new shows, as well as play new stories.

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