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Text.droppbuy.comTikTok Beheaded Viral Video Link. See you again here, I’m here to provide information that is currently viral on social media.

Recently, social media has been stirred up again with a viral video circulating on Twitter or Telegram.

So, what is the video that is currently going viral? So, from that you can see the explanation that I will give.

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So that you don’t get confused, you can see the explanation below, where I will explain the viral video.

And also I will provide a keyword that you can use to find the viral video easily, of course.

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Beheaded Viral Video Link

The video of the grandfather carrying his wife’s severed head has gone viral and circulated the day after tomorrow, making many people see this video.

The video is nothing but a recording of what happened in India on 15 June 022 last.

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An old man named Nakaphodi Manjhi bravely slashed the head of his own wife, Shuchala, and carried her head on the street.

Suddenly the video went viral on social media, and many were also looking for the video’s whereabouts, because many people still haven’t seen the video.

Which, according to the Daily Mail, on Monday, June 25, 2022, it was stated that the victim was his own wife.

They are a married couple who do not have two adult children. And not only that, one of the two children turned out to be married.

And that is seen in the 22-second video footage showing the sinister action of Nakaphodi Manjhi punching and carrying his wife’s head.

Well, the perpetrator was even seen carrying a sharp weapon in his other hand, and in his other hand he was carrying his wife’s head which had been cut off.

Wearing colorful shirts and sarongs, Najaphodi Manjhi used his wife’s hair while crossing the streets.

Well, I’m also here to provide a keyword for all of you.

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