Tips for Choosing a Good Reading Book Correctly
Tips for Choosing a Good Reading Book Correctly

Tips for Choosing a Good Reading Book Correctly

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While it may seem easy, choosing a good book to read is sometimes an adventure in itself. Not because of a lack of books, but because the real and digital world is full of books that are published every day.

According to UNESCO data, 2.2 million books are published in the world every year. This figure will certainly continue to change. It is logically impossible to read all the existing books given the sheer number of them, and it is quite difficult to choose a good reading book without the help of a reading guide.

For this reason, in this article Public Literacy would like to describe several steps and recommendations so that in choosing a good reading book, you will avoid wasting time and money in vain. Furthermore, if only “book” is written, the meaning is a reading book, not a notebook or electronic book form (ebook).

Characteristics of a Good Reading Book

If you are wondering what books are good and should attract attention? The first thing you have to do is make a decision. Yes, something as simple as deciding whether to look for fiction or non-fiction books. Basically, these are two types of reading that you can decide on.

For example, you want to read a story book with scenes, experiences, and characters created from the author’s imagination. Or you want to read study books, investigations, or stories based on real events, scientific demonstrations, or recommendations for a better life.

Fiction Book

In fiction books “there are no absolute rules in writing a story”. That is very correct. However, if an author knows how to write a good book, the content of his book will have the following characteristics:

Intense opening

In a fictional story, the beginning is very important to attract the attention of the reader. If it initially piqued your curiosity and made you question yourself more, then you may have seen a promising story and you should give it a try.

Interesting character

An interest in the story alone is not enough. The characters who take part in the plot must be complex, reflect universal characteristics and evoke identification or rejection in you.

An interesting story

The story should hold your interest from start to finish. If you come across blank scenes and pointless episodes, chances are you’ll never know how to finish reading the book.

Smart dialogue

For fiction books to convince you, dialogue needs to add drama to the story. In it, the complexity of the characters and the mastery of the author must be reflected.

Unique style

Both the theme, language, tone, and story must show originality. If they are far from a copy of the current literary trend, you will most likely become a fan of the author and his works.

Non-fiction Books

In this type of book, the story aspect is not so important, but the following features are very important.

The facts explained

In nonfiction books don’t tell made-up stories, facts, analysis, and evidence are the most important material. Depending on what the theme is, what you should look for is that the ideas the author describes respond to your need for knowledge, revelation, or self-improvement.

How the contents are written

In non-fiction books it is important that the language used and, supplementary material, serve to convince you of the argument and keep you hooked on reading .

Text structure

Non-fiction books require more focused attention to important elements, the order of content, the relationships between ideas and even the design of the book so that, at the end of reading, you feel that you learned something new or that the information read will improve some of your skills.

Steps to Choose a Good Book

Tips and ways to choose a good book can be overwhelming, but there are at least five great steps to avoiding time-wasting mistakes, and spending money so it’s not wasted.

1. Make a list of authors and types of books

To find a good book starts with knowing what your reading tastes are. Make a written list of all the interesting authors and books that have touched you, whose scenes have been etched in your mind and whose plots you have told your friends passionately about.

Following the aesthetics or content of the books, whether fiction or non-fiction, you will likely not go wrong in your search for the best books to read.

2. Ask other readers

Of course, you are not the only person reading a book. You can ask people around you who know about new authors, new publications, and favorite bookstores. They can be a source of information by asking: “What books can I read? “

An effective way to get good book recommendations is also to ask the following questions.

  • Who are your ten favorite authors?
  • What types of books do you collect the most?
  • If you had to travel without an internet connection, what book would you take with you?
  • In novels, which character do you know best?
  • In the case of non-fiction books, what books made them discover and marvel at something they didn’t know?

3. Join a book club

Even if you understand reading as a solitary activity, not all of your experiences as a reader have to be developed in isolation. You already know that when knowledge is shared, one person grows as a person and makes others grow.

So, when you’re looking for a recommended book to read, try joining a book club both online and offline where it is a place where you can find other readers to discuss the author and the title of the book.

In this group, you will meet people who have read books you may not have read. Also, there are usually people with experience in buying books and you can learn how to choose a good book.

4. Visit bookstores and book fairs

Apart from book clubs, fairs and bookstores are also great places to choose good reading books. When you visit a bookstore, search and find interesting books. You can talk to the salesperson and ask them to tell you about new, interesting things in a book.

5. Find the best seller list

Although not all good reading books are on the bestseller list, but in general book recommendation bestsellers are good and useful based on their content and not just commercially.

Best seller lists are usually published in the news media, large bookstore lobbies or internationally, usually on the Pulitzer Prize list. If you find the titles of books that are best sellers, then the book is recommended for reading lovers.

Recommendations Before Buying a Book

After considering the previous five steps to choosing a good reading book, it’s time to buy one. However, there are some guiding tips that you can apply before spending your money on a good and best reading book to read.

Check the table of contents and back cover

Don’t get hung up on the appeal of the title alone. If you are in a bookstore and have access to the contents of the book (usually there are sample books) for no reason, check the contents. Open the table of contents, see how the chapters are organized, and even read the summary on the back cover.

Read the first page

To get a first opinion on the story, content and even the author’s style, dare to read the first two or three pages. You can do this conveniently in a bookstore, at a fair or in a library.

If you want to read digital books ask for the free version which you can download on the ebook device or in the phone app. This way you can even see the first page and have a clearer vision of what the book has to offer.


As we said at the beginning, in a world of too many books, being able to choose a good reading book will make us satisfied because we can go through a very tiring “adventure” process.

Whether you’re looking for fiction, skill-learning books or popular science books, there’s always an endless variety to choose from. You can see other best seller book recommendations at completely.

The most important thing is to know your reading profile, share it with other readers, and take advantage of the tools that today’s technology has to offer. With this information, it is possible that you will end up buying a good book to read that will change your life.

Tips for Choosing a Good Reading Book Correctly

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