Tips for Managing Personal and Family Records – How to Succeed in Online Business
Tips for Managing Personal and Family Records – How to Succeed in Online Business

Tips for Managing Personal and Family Records – How to Succeed in Online Business

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Personal Archive CardboardUseful tips that can be tried to protect the integrity of records and meaningful deeds. The goal is that records belonging to individuals or institutions are comfortable, always intact, and easy to find when needed.

Everyone should have an understanding to protect records, whether legal deeds of institutions or individual deeds. Individual certificates that need to be archived, include Deeds, Community Identity Cards (KTP), Family Cards (KK), and Birth Certificates.

Residents can independently carry out the preparation of individual or family archives. We want citizens to be able to protect their meaningful archives, because archives are not always tied to institutions.

Guidelines for residents to be able to manage family or individual files, are:

1. choose a deed according to the group, whether individual or family.

2. choose a deed with a numerical reason for the deed, which means whether or not a deed is original or duplicate.

3. All certificates are photocopied and legalized to back up the original deed if something unexpected happens, such as a defect or loss.

4. Place the original deed in a large and easily accessible place

By using digital, the next day it is not only placed in the gallery but can also be placed in the cloud (virtual storage) using the Cloud application. So, even though changing work is still accessible anywhere and anytime.

There are several archive storage procedures that are commonly used in archive management, including:

– Flat Filling (Flat Filling), Is archive storage by inserting the archive into a stofmap or snelhecter after that it is propped up in a filing cabinet or arranged horizontally or horizontally from the bottom up.

– Straight Filling, In this procedure the archive is placed by inserting it into an archive file or folder after which it is placed in a standing or standing position and arranged from front to back.

– Lateral Filling, where this procedure uses archive storage by inserting it in a snelhecter or brief order which is then placed standing with the back in front.

Archive Storage Method

There are several methods when we want to do archive storage so that:

how to store it can run well and correctly. Some things that must be tried so that file storage methods using archive boxes work well, including:

– Checking on the message release feature or release mark, the general release feature is in the dep (deponeren) position which shows the order to place the message.

– Indexing, is a method of signaling that is made in accordance with the file storage system used and made to facilitate the storage and retrieval of the file.

– Sorting, is a way of separating files according to the grouping of the contents of the file, so that at the time of storage tomorrow all files will be located in the same zone in one type of file.

– Storage, how to store archives into file cabinets according to the type or grouping of data listed therein.

– Preparation, the preparation of archives is one of the most important things in the way of deed management, where there are several compilation systems that are usually used

The arrangement system printed above is a system that is generally widely used at this time, there are also options for using the appropriate system that can be tailored to the needs and culture of the industry itself, because basically all systems currently available can accommodate the needs of managing records properly and useful.

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