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How to Top Up / Top Up Mandiri E-Money Balance on an Android Phone – Currently on a long journey through toll roads, you need to use an E-Money card as a payment instrument.

What happens if the E-Money card that you brought does not have sufficient balance?

In addition, most of the toll gates do not provide ATM or top-up services, it can be dangerous.

But don’t worry, we will share how to recharge your Emoney card anytime and anywhere with your Android phone.

Top Up / Refill E-Money Requirements on Android Phones

How to Top Up E-Money Balance

Before you use your cellphone to use the E-Money feature, make sure your cellphone has the following conditions:

1. Smartphone must have NFC feature

NFC is used to check the balance on your Emoney card by attaching it to the back of your smartphone.

Currently only NFC Android supports Emoney recharging. Because for Apple devices or iPhone it only supports Apple Pay.

2. Have a Debit Card or Credit Card that Supports 3D Secure.

3D Secure is a safer online transaction service using a debit card or Visa / Mastercard.

Where later the security code used for online transactions is sent to the mobile number registered with the cardholder.

If the authorization code is entered incorrectly during payment, the transaction will be considered void and invalid.

Now, after you understand the terms and also what is needed to Refill E-Money Balance, let’s go into the steps.

How to Top Up / Top Up E-Money Using an Android Phone

Actually it will be very easy if you have the conditions and also what is needed to top up this E-Money Balance, and you only need to follow the steps below.

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  • Activate NFC on your phone and Enter with an email that has been registered in the E-Money application, if you have not registered, you can register first by clicking “Register here” in the below section.
  • After logging in, Paste E-Money card to the back of the phone to view your remaining E-Money balance and the choice of top-up nominal on the E-Money card.
  • After selecting the amount you want to top up, enter CVV code which is on the back of the debit card or Visa/Mastercard to make a transaction (the CVV code is usually the last 3 digits on the card).
  • Wait authorization code sent to the cardholder’s mobile number. If the code has been received, enter the code immediately to complete the transaction.
  • Leave E-Money card from the back of the phone and Temple back to start the E-Money refill process. (Do not remove the card until the E-Money refill process is complete).

If the E-Money refill is successful, there will be a report that the E-Money recharge was successful.

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Well, that’s how to top up/refill your Mandiri E-Money balance on an Android phone. May be useful.

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