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Truecaller MOD APK Download Premium Gold Unlocked Latest Version Free + Review Features and how to install the application, more details are below.

Even though it is now the internet era, connecting with other people through phone calls is still the main choice for some people. However, there are still many problems that frustrate mobile users.

Usually, you rarely get calls from unknown numbers. However, salespeople can still get information about your phone number. Every few days, unknown numbers will call and call you with the intent to deceive. Usually unknown numbers can also come from someone you know, but you haven’t saved the number on your cellphone.

You must be wondering whether you should pick up the phone or not? With unique features, the Truecaller application will be a very useful assistant to help you identify the identity of the caller. With just a few steps, you can use this app for free with an amazing utility.

Truecaller App

real caller mod apk

caller truck is an application to track incoming phone numbers

If you are having trouble with annoying phone calls, you definitely need the support of the right people. This application can allow you to increase your need for telephone communication. For example, in the past, calls to your current number would display the caller ID.

If you’re bothered by IDs, you can find out more information about these people. Once you’ve traced the source, you need to completely prevent the source of the annoyance. In addition, this application also has the ability to block annoying calls and SMS ads. As long as the content is not needed, it will filter. Of course, you are allowed to customize this.

There are many apps like Message, Snapchat, WhatsApp prime that allow you to communicate for free with people around you. And Truecaller too, however, this app only limits the scope of conversations with those in your contact list.

With this feature, you will not be disturbed by strangers anymore and only focus on important people. This application will also automatically distinguish anonymous messages so as not to affect your important messages. In addition, this application will automatically block spam messages or remote marketing advertising messages.

Trucaller Apk Features

Trucaller Apk Features

In addition, the truecaller mod apk latest version application also has many other useful features, such as you can send texts and share your current location with your friends and relatives. This will really help people see each other more quickly without needing to find their way around.

Use tons of emojis as well as dozens of themed stickers to make your conversations more interesting and lively. In particular, the app always ensures that user data is the best security possible, quickly backing up call history, contacts, messages, as well as backing them up on Google Drive.

Truecaller also offers two premium plans, Premium and GOLD, to meet your needs and offer you the best features. With them, apart from using the necessary features for free, you can also see in detail who viewed your profile.

Also, have the option to view other people’s profiles secretly. When compared to the free version, this Premium version allows you to be able to use the recording feature without limits and simultaneously chat with people without worrying about interstitial ads.

Other Features:
• Automatically block spam and marketing SMS
• Automatically identify all unknown SMS
• Blocking by name and serial number
• The world’s best Caller ID that can recognize who is calling you
• Block spam and phone marketing
• View name of unknown number in call history
• Back up phone history, contacts, messages and settings to a Google Drive account
• Recording phone calls
• Know who viewed your profile
• Option to view other people’s profiles privately
• No ads

MOD Version

With truecaller premium gold mod apk, apart from being able to use basic features for free, you can also see the details of who viewed your profile and optionally can view other profiles in secret. When compared to the free version, this mod version allows you to use unlimited recording features and simultaneously chat with people without any ads.

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• Gold Member Unlocked.
• All Premium Features Unlocked.
• Location map.
• Backup Drive.
• Optimized graphics.
• Disable Analytics / Crashlytics.
• No Forced Shortcuts.

The truecaller unlocked mod apk application can block messages from blocked numbers as completely as possible. You can’t check who sent the message and the content of the message for a blocked number. Now, several message blocking apps are already in the app store, which support archived sent messages.

Even if you try to block messages on some phone numbers that you don’t want, you usually want to see who sent the message and the content of the message. It’s also very common for friends and lovers to block messages from each other.

Download Truecaller MOD APK

real caller
App Name Truecaller Mod Apk Gold Premium
Developer Third party
Type Tool
Size 40MB
App Version 11.53.5
Mod features Gold Premium


truecaller mod apk 2021 is very useful for users to be able to find out who is calling you, to avoid important and confusing calls into spam calls. You can also see anonymous names or numbers in your call history, so you don’t miss any calls.

This application also has a user community, which will always be updated on the spam list based on community contributions by millions of users around the world. So you can be sure of what this application has to offer, it is completely safe and effective for your work.

There are a lot of important phone calls that you have to remember or just want to keep a call with your loved one as a souvenir. It’s simple because the call recording feature of this app will fulfill that need and can easily save call content on your mobile device.

This app also supports blocking spam phone numbers. This application will collect information from various sources as well as users to regularly complete the spam number blacklist. If you know a spam phone number, you can click Block & report spam. That will help build a better user community.

Truecaller’s call recording feature works well. It runs automatically with good quality. Also, you can sync recordings to cloud storage and then play them again anytime or on any device.

That’s the discussion of the review and download link of the latest version of the Truecaller mod apk application, Hopefully it’s useful and don’t forget to visit the other apps and games below.

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