Two motorbike robbers set on fire by okada riders in Ibadan
Two motorbike robbers set on fire by okada riders in Ibadan

Two motorbike robbers set on fire by okada riders in Ibadan

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Two motorcycle thieves were arrested and burned to death by an angry mob on Thursday, June 23, in the Ijokodo-Sango area of ​​Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state.

The robbers met their waterloo in an attempt to carry out other criminal activities in the Ologuneru area of ​​Ibadan, according to reports.

The thief was set on fire by a mob who happened to be a motorcyclist, known as the Okada rider, at the WAEC intersection, opposite the LAPO microfinance bank in the Ijokodo region, after they were chased from the Ologuneru area, according to an eye witness.

Witnesses stated that the thieves numbered three, claiming that a third person carrying a gun managed to escape from the scene, the Daily Post reports.

He said, “The thieves were beaten mercilessly before the police officers came and took them into their cars.

“On the way to the police station, one of them lost his life while the other was still alive but before they arrived anywhere near the police station, the okada driver who caught the thief had beaten the victim to a pulp because they had not followed the police vehicle all this time. .

“The police, while on their way to the office, had an excuse to drop the two thieves in front of the LAPO microfinance bank along the WAEC junction, and this led the angry mob to carry out their nefarious scheme.

The mob went to the front to get petrol, and burned the two robbers dead and one still fighting with his life, he added.

Another eye witness said, “The thieves were chased from the Ologuneru area to where it was set on fire, there were three of them and the third person who ran away was the one with the gun.

“Okada riders who do the forest justice,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Oyo state police have not verified the incident until this news was revealed.

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