Viral, this stall puts up a sign ‘Bakso Boar 100 Percent Haram’
Viral, this stall puts up a sign ‘Bakso Boar 100 Percent Haram’

Viral, this stall puts up a sign ‘Bakso Boar 100 Percent Haram’

Posted on – After a scene of pork rendang, pork uduk rice and other dishes that use pork. Now the Pork Meatballs are viral, but this is different. The owner does not secretly sell but puts up a large sign that clearly says ‘Bakso Boar 100 Percent Haram’.

The sign is what is now viral in cyberspace. In a video clip belonging to the TikTok account @dinogfy, the sign is clearly visible.

The owner of this TikTok account uploaded a moment of himself when he passed a pork meatball stall on the side of the road.

If usually some business actors are deliberately not too conspicuous when selling food made from pork, it is different with the following meatball stall.

Compiled from the Hitekno page, this seller bluntly put up a neon box sign that read Bakso Boar, 100 Percent Haram.

“So delicious,” wrote @dinogfy in the caption. The video post that was shared went viral after being watched more than 2.8 million times and getting 276,000 likes.

Some of the other menus provided include haram meatballs, keok noodles, guik noodles, and dumplings. For various Muslims, pork is forbidden to eat.

The writing on the meatball stall made netizens laugh and amused because they wrote haram directly. Other stalls that serve pork or dog meat usually read “non-halal”.

The owner can also write down the code B1 and B2. A meatball stall in the video is considered by netizens to be “very honest” in promoting its wares.

Boar itself is a term for wild boars. Meatballs are generally made from a mixture of tapioca flour mixed with beef. But there are also those who provide a mixture of chicken or fish.

Given that the shop already mentions “boar meatballs”, the meatballs are made from pork dough. This viral video posting about wild boar meatballs, which is 100 percent haram, has provoked various comments from netizens.

“Good, this is honest (emoticon laugh),” said one netizen.

“Honesty is everything,” another netizen replied.

“Without further ado, it should be appreciated,” said another netizen.

“Bali is boss, there is no oplos-oplos. Just sell honestly,” wrote another netizen.

“Why am I laughing?emoticon laugh),” commented another account.


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