Warhammer 3′ Reveals The ‘Big’ Map For The Eternal Kingdom » Ofchristandmen
Warhammer 3′ Reveals The ‘Big’ Map For The Eternal Kingdom » Ofchristandmen

Warhammer 3′ Reveals The ‘Big’ Map For The Eternal Kingdom » Ofchristandmen

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Guerra Whole: Warhammer 3 reveal an in-depth look at the “biggest map of all” complete war the game has been featured so far”, which will be featured in the next Immortal Empires update.

Confirmed last week for an August release, the developers at Inventive Meeting have now shared a preview of the full campaign map.

Writing in a dedicated weblog post, they say that the new game mode “represents the view of the world we’ve been aiming for since we started working on the trilogy almost a decade ago. Nowhere is this better represented than on the campaign map: the massive battlefields where your troops will be. fight, loot, loot and conquer in search of eternal glory. »

The post went on to say that “The map of the Eternal Kingdom is huge – the largest map ever. complete war The game has been featured to date, and is nearly double the size of the Mortal Empires map that was first shown in 2017 for Guerra Whole: Warhammer 2.” Trying to offer some perspective, the Immortal Empires campaign map will feature over 550 settlements and 278 starting factions.

war hammer 3
Campaign map from the Eternal Empire update from Whole Warfare: Warhammer 3. CREDITS: Inventive Encounter

The blog also features Sea Lanes, an easier way to navigate the giant map.

“Given the scale of the Immortal Empires map, Sea Lanes have been introduced to add flexibility to your globetrotting adventure. Interacting with them will grant the ability to travel from the east of the map to the west and back, allowing for more exotic confrontations, the formation of new alliances, and unique role-playing opportunities when once distant factions meet for the first time.”

“Any ruler or hero will be able to move through the Sea Path markers, allowing them to set sail and reach their destination after being at sea for several rounds,” he continued.

The post goes on to state that “even though they are included in the map, not all lands and seas will be impassable when launching Immortal Empires, like Khuresh and Ind.”

In other news, the latest pre-cleaning event at Escape from Tarkov looked at the customs map visited by all in-game bosses and teased the same takedown date hinted at by developer Battlestate Video game yesterday (June 21).

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