Watch Rasuk 2 Full Movie Sub English
Watch Rasuk 2 Full Movie Sub English

Watch Rasuk 2 Full Movie Sub English

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Watch Rasuk 2 Full Movie Sub English

ROM Droid- Watch Rasuk 2 Full Movie Sub English – Isabella is trying to lose her ability to see all kinds of supernatural things around her. This forensic science student is constantly harassed by scary figures while doing coas.

There is a man who tries to stay in her body, a mysterious man who says he will uncover a sin full of mystery. Still in one universe, stories in 2 block (2020) still being written by Risa Saraswati.

Although not very related to the first film, Isabella is Ingrid’s younger sister from the “Putri Universe” group. This fresh story makes this film made by director Rizal Mantovani feel better, especially in terms of plot quality and acting.

Actually, when Isabella was in the hospital as Coase, what problems did she often suffer from? For the full story, you can read the synopsis and review of the film Rasuk 2 (2020) at Bacaterus.

Synopsis of the movie Rasuk 2

Watch Rasuk 2 Full Movie Sub English

Isabella doesn’t want to be bothered by the strange character she grew up with, and she finds a way to deal with it. From the books she read, Isabella thought what she saw happened because she had the Barnum effect.

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A disease that makes him hallucinate, assuming that all the descriptions in his brain are true. Isabella chose to take medication to reduce this vision, and the girl visited a psychiatrist frequently.

He initially managed to calm Isabella through various therapies and prescription drugs. However, after an autopsy on an unnamed body, Isabella often feels strangely frightened.

Not only in the hospital, Isabella often sees women in the room and in her daily life. There was even one night when Isabella who was sleeping suddenly possessed her and almost killed the King.

Isabella didn’t know what was going on, she clearly felt a woman following her. Day by day the figure seemed to be getting closer to her, which made Isabella wonder, why did the figure keep bothering her?

Isabella did her own research by correlating the sightings she saw with autopsy findings. Isabella starts learning about ghosts with Radja, and she wants to learn more.

In the process of trying to find out who Mrs. X, he got an autopsy, and Isabella quit. The guide was disgusted by the girl’s attitude, and the figure asked Isabella not to give up.

The girl saw what happened to Mrs. X, Isabella felt something strange about the death of this unknown woman. Isabella went through all the reports, ignoring the supervisor’s requests until a girl walked up to her.

Rasuk 2 Movie Cast

The following is a list of the cast of the movie Rasuk 2:

  • Nikita Willy as Isabella
  • Achmad Megantara as Radja
  • Asri Welas as Uci
  • Raquel Katie Larkin as Francisca Ingrid
  • Afifah Ifah’nda as Strength
  • Iang Darmawan as Mang Ijang
  • Firm Satrya as Doctor Yusuf
  • Sonia Alyssa as Alma
  • Lania Fira as Nesya
  • Rachel Patricia as Dara

Rasuk 2 Movie Review

Another thing I would like to commend and comment on is that I really appreciate the effort they put into providing the details. Isabella is known as a forensic doctor who works in a hospital. They not only showed a stethoscope and a doctor’s robe, but they also showed a scene of how a doctor would dissect a corpse.

In the opening part of the film, it is clear when the supervising doctor begins to dissect the corpse. There are skin cutting and coring scenes, plus the blood effect, looks quite realistic. While this autopsy scene isn’t as neat, at least there’s progress and research to perfect it.

Then there is Radja’s violent scene, I like the character’s approach. But unfortunately this violent scene just finished, it’s too simple. Radja just chases, beats and beats his lover so that his psychopathic side is not so visible. Actually I wish the scene was more serious and violent.

In terms of cinematography, Rasuk 1 (2018) is honestly more pleasing to the eye. Rasuk 2 (2019) feels less artistic, but the aesthetics are okay. This can be seen in the apartment design for the design of rooms such as apartments. And the size of the bungalow is a bit absurd, but it deserves to be included in the natural beauty of the first film.

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With a new story and cast, Rasuk 2 (2019) is proving to be a big change. The quality of the story, plot and acting of the actors is much better than the first film. Rizal Mantovani managed to save the film from the same error, although it is still not perfect.

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