What are the Principles of Overseas Children?
What are the Principles of Overseas Children?

What are the Principles of Overseas Children?

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DEJAVANEWS.COM – Immigration is a process of self-improvement. Once you have a mind, you can’t take a single step back because backtracking is a sign of failure. So, it is fitting that as immigrants, we have the principle of the children of overseas.

Like an arrow hitting a target, it doesn’t go back through the line and reach its goal.

So, travelers, remember that your challenge is too big and there are many pebbles for you to cross, stay strong, and never give up.

Newcomers should always adhere to these few principles. Some of us will feel this, but behind it all there is always a hidden wisdom.

So, here are some principles of regionalism.

1. Don’t go home before reaching your dream

These are all challenges for the nomads. We are often bored and bored and want to go home. Okay, it doesn’t matter if it’s close to home, automatically you can get there quickly when you want to go home. However, what about those who are far away? If you have this thought, go back to where you started wandering in the process of achieving your dream.

Embrace yourself to achieve these goals. Don’t go home before you achieve your dreams.

2. Stick to Integrity

One of the principles that must be obeyed by immigrants is to have a sincere attitude. That is, firm, has a good personality, and always faithfully keeps his promises.

It’s not easy, but if we have a strong awareness within us, we can do it. For example, before we go abroad, we make a commitment not to owe our friends anything for anything.

3. Living Life

When you are abroad or in the city of people, be a useful person to the people around you, big or small. The important thing is to commit to it.

Try the little things. For example, when a friend has learning difficulties, an understanding friend tries to help the friend by providing advice and guidance.

These nuances must be built to make the relationship between us intimate. The traveler must have such a soul.

4. Trying to be independent

When you are away from your parents, you must always think ahead and be independent. It is impossible for nomads to depend on their parents. Overseas, we will feel how painful it is to struggle alone, cook for ourselves, and others on our own. But that’s what makes the nomads even more eager to fight.

Be independent and do something that makes you feel at home. You can also improve your finances by securing your finances there.

Use your abilities and use God’s gift for any of those who are looking for finances.

5. Good money management

As immigrants, a common problem we face is money. How do we deal with a financial situation where at the end of the month our finances run out?

All kinds of tricks that sometimes make you not know where your money is going, let alone the cost of boarding.

Well, this is where we manage our money. It’s not easy, but it’s not difficult either. Save money and start saving. 1000 rupiah per day, no problem.

6. Keep the association

Living away from parents definitely intersects with living overseas. Moreover, the hustle and bustle of a city full of splendor and luxury always offers various fantasies and pseudo stories.

Often it really captivates us and puts us in contact with promiscuity. Many foreign children fall into the black hole of promiscuity. Drugs, free sex, prostitution, etc. So, be wise.

Remember that everyone can be with you, but not everyone can set a good example, and try to warn your friend if he or she makes a mistake.

7. Worship and prayer are the foundation of life

If you think that the power of prayer is nothing, you need to change your mind. Prayer is the breath of the believer and is a means of communication with God. Complaints, struggles and trials of life, we can solve with God’s help.

If we adhere to the principles of the overseas children and guard them at all times, we will be classified as immigrants who have succeeded in becoming immigrants living their own lives.

So, start with yourself and become a strong person who is useful to others.


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