When His Eyes Are Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 1716
When His Eyes Are Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 1716

When His Eyes Are Opened by Simple Silence Chapter 1716

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Chapter 1716

“Your mother doesn’t seem to be using her cell phone right now. I’ll call your Uncle Mike, and he’ll tell your mother.” Wesley picked up the phone and spoke to the two children.

A glint of disappointment flashed across Layla’s eyes.

Wesley dialed Mike’s number and informed him of Tammy’s birth.

Mike said, “Oh, I’ll tell him tomorrow. He’s probably asleep by now.”

Wesley: “Yeah. Layla and Robert are by my side, do you want to talk to Layla?”

“Yes. Let’s make a video call.” Mike finished and hung up.

Within five seconds, Mike’s video call came.

Wesley accepted the video call and handed the phone to Layla.

Layla looked at Mike’s smiling face on the video call, her mouth pouting at the sky.

“Where’s my mother?” Layla asked, frowning.

Mike: “Your mother is sleeping.”

“I do not believe. My mother must be missing. Otherwise, why didn’t he contact me? Go to my mother’s room, I want to see if my mother is really sleeping.” Layla told Mike to make this request.

Mike hesitated for two seconds, then grabbed his cell phone and walked to Avery’s room.

He pushed the door slightly open, set the camera back, and let Layla see the large bed in the master bedroom.

Avery was literally lying in bed. It’s just that the room is very dark, and Layla can’t see the look on her mother’s face clearly, only see lines that are vaguely familiar.

When Layla recognized her mother, she lost control of her emotions.

“Woohoo!” Layla’s scream came and Mike immediately closed the door, afraid to wake Avery.

“Laila, don’t cry. Doesn’t your brother often make video calls to you?” Mike looked at Layla’s wrinkled, crying face, and it would be a lie to say she wasn’t depressed.

If Avery heard his daughter’s cries, he would probably be impulsive and return to Aryadelle immediately.

At noon, Mike took him to the hospital to have his eyes checked.

The doctor asked if Avery was crying because his recovery wasn’t very good.

He pursed his lips and said nothing.

“My sister doesn’t call me that often! The last time he called me was last month…” Layla thought for a moment, and burst into tears.

Robert stood beside Layla, hugging his sister’s legs tightly with both hands, trying to comfort her, but he didn’t know how.

Mike had a headache, and then said: “It’s only the beginning of July, and not a few days until last month!”

“You go and wake my mom up now and let her talk to me.” Layla’s eyes turned red, and she said and gave orders to Mike.

“Layla, I couldn’t wake your mother. He didn’t take a nap today. He was more emotional than you after the divorce from your father. She always cries silently. If he sees you, he will cry like crazy again.” Mike explained to Layla.

Layla suddenly softened. He didn’t want his mother to cry.

“Uncle Wesley said my mom would come to me at the end of the year, didn’t he?” Layla stopped crying.

Mike persuaded Layla, “It’s hard to say, but it’s possible. Layla, you must obey, we will get back to you and Robert when the opportunity arises.”

“Oh…” Layla lowered her head. When he got to Robert. She immediately crouched down, hugged Robert and stared at the camera together.

Robert thought his mother was on the screen, so before he saw the screen, he sweetly called out ‘mom’.

Mike didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Mom who? I’m your uncle Mike!”

Seeing Mike, Robert immediately turned around and threw himself into his brother’s arms, not wanting to look into the camera anymore.

“Smelly brat, why are you so cruel!” Mike is angry.

Robert hugged Layla’s neck tightly and muttered under his breath, “Brother go! Let’s go!”

About two hours later, Tammy gave birth to a little daughter by caesarean section at the hospital.

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