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It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to sit down and read the news, between doing my radio shows on WAAM 1600 a.m. and 92.7 FM in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and doing parenting errands. So imagine my surprise when I heard Joe Biden fell off the bike the other day and I missed it.

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I know that Joe Biden fell off his bike last week. Where do you think Hunter learned how to fall off the train as much as he has?

One of the great things about writing here at RedState is that we’re allowed to have different points of view on today’s big issues, but everyone here is pro-life.

When the Dobbs Supreme Court decision came down on Friday–I was live Duke Over America on Facebook–I can’t read opinions when they come out in person. I have, however, been able to catch up with all of my team-mates here at RedState by taking their big from almost every angle in this historic decision.

Here are some of the excellent pieces.

Abortion Supporters Rage at Impossible Targets Over Roe’s Overthrow: Liberal Icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The Decision to Overthrow Roe Shows That Chief Justice John Roberts Has Lost Confidence in the Court’s Conservative Majority.

Kamala So ‘Unencumbered’ From Feelings About Abortion, Even Marianne Williamson Has Questions.

From Nick AramaThe above section on how our VEEP is a bit dense in terms of words…

When he spoke to Latino elected officials at NALEO’s 39th Annual Conference in Chicago on Friday, he said this when referring to the SCOTUS decision on abortion.

“The strength of our nation has always been that, despite the odds and obstacles, we keep moving forward; that we are guided by what we see, unencumbered by what has happened.”

Isn’t she a peach?

Really, it’s not just abortion leaders to birth crowds like Vice President Harris who have some odd word salad to toss. Since Friday’s Supreme Court ruling, I’ve had the opportunity to read some of the stupid arguments that push the bullshit barrier harder than the left usually does. One of the arguments goes like this.


On the face of it, I have to admit that I should stop and think about this for a moment, aren’t we all just a bunch of cells? Luckily, though, I can slice arguments made of wet, emotional wipes like a Ginsu knife, and this talking point is only made for my chopping and slicing type.

Someone actually used this argument in the thread I was talking about on Friday, and I had to laugh. You’d think – with six weeks’ notice that this opinion came out – the pro-abortion crowd would come up with slightly stronger talking points.

I am wrong.

As I have already admitted, we are all just a bunch of cells, if you look at it broadly. However, we all start out as a very small clump of cells, which grow into a larger clump of cells, which have certain inalienable rights under the United States Constitution. Anyone who sees this logically understands that a fetus grows into a human baby. Also, that this process takes about seven to nine months.

A clump of human cells wouldn’t magically turn into something else. When a man’s sperm and a woman’s egg come together for a little dance, we know what the end result will be.

The clump of cells inside that woman won’t turn into…

* A dog or cat.

* Baby giraffe.

* A leprechaun with a pot of gold.

But that pool of cells will grow into babies, then children, and soon, adults who—if not taught critical thinking skills—will one day use silly arguments like: “It’s just a bunch of cells.”

Cancer is a collection of cells that suck resources from the body and kill them. The human fetus is a clump of cells that become human, if allowed to walk in the path of God and nature.

Quite easy.

So go ahead, and rest easy, friends, for those of you who use this rubbish argument. You were born and not aborted, so you should be happy to be alive.

Many others have not made those cuts since 1973.

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