Youtube Vanced Apk TonTon Youtube App No Ads
Youtube Vanced Apk TonTon Youtube App No Ads

Youtube Vanced Apk TonTon Youtube App No Ads

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Some time ago, many people were talking about the Youtube Vanced Apk which could not be used. Now, for those who don’t know what Youtube Vanced is, you can get a review in the following article.

Youtube is known as a video social media that has very large active users, besides that Youtube also has paid premium services to get comfortable access without ads at a fairly cheap price.

But in fact, even though the price is quite cheap, there are still those who expect to be able to access premium features for free, one of which is using a mod application called Vanced APK.

What is Youtube Vanced apk ?

Youtube Vanced Apk

Youtube Vanced is a modified application from Youtube, of course this is an illegal application that is not affiliated or authorized by Google the owner of Youtube.

By using the Vanced apk users can access content on Youtube without ads, even this application also provides features that are not on YouTube which make many users comfortable using it.

Download Youtube Vanced Apk

Name YouTube Vanced . APKs
Version 17.03.38 (1527248320)
Updated February 16, 2022
Developer Team Vanced
Install 10,000,000+
Category Apps, Players & Video Editors

>> Download Youtube Vanced <

Of course, my friend must be curious to download Youtube Vanced, right? Unfortunately through Vanced’s official Twitter account at @YTVanced they said they had discontinued support for the app they had been building for two years.

Of course because the application is an illegal application which certainly violates copyright, and based on the news circulating that Google has sent a letter to Vanced to immediately stop its service.

So is it possible to use Youtube Vanced now?

Although there are many Youtube Vanced Apk download links in cyberspace, of course, you can’t use the application, especially since it’s related to copyright.

Besides that, you can download the apk wrong because it is used by irresponsible people to take advantage of the moment by providing a dangerous apk, the wrong virus that you downloaded.

Dangers of Using Youtube Vanced?

Because we are no longer able to download Youtube Vanced on the official website, so we recommend you not to download and use it because we don’t know which applications actually offer similar services to Vanced.

In addition, Vanced’s official Twitter account also said that they had removed their Apk download link, so we we can use this by irresponsible people.

The final word

How do you guys still want to use Youtube Vanced Apk? Instead of using the uncertain, it’s better if you use Premium Youtube by subscribing at a fairly cheap price.

Apart from Vanced, there are actually many other apk mods such as Blue Youtube which we explained some time ago.

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